Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Grams!

On Septemeber 15th Grammy turned 60-10. And does she ever make it look good! We had such a fun time celebrating with her. We had a fanastic dinner at the White house and Julie and Sheri unveiled the grandchildren quilt. It turned out beautiful! We sure appreciate Grammy's love, kindness and righteous example.
Happy Birthday Grams!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dad's Birthday and Julie's first post!!!

This is my first blogging experience, but Lisa is my coach, so I am in good hands. I wanted to show everyone some photos of Dad's California birthday bash, and give you a look at the love note jar that you all contributed to.

This is Dad blowing out his candles, one of everyone's most flattering poses. We were kind to him and did not make him blow out 75 candles, and if you look closely, you will note that the candles actually say 53, not 75. Dad is never very upfront about his age, so we wanted to keep his delusion alive (and besides, Mom forgot to buy candles and this was all she had in her pantry!)

Here is another great shot of Dad. We were trying to get pics while the kids were dying for ice cream and cake, so you have to take what we got! We all had a great time together eating enchiladas, tacos, beans, rice, chips and salsa, and all that good stuff. Yum! Dad knows how to pick a good birthday meal! The chocolate cake with walnuts was stupendous, too!! Good thing it was Fast Sunday!
Here is a close-up of the birthday love note jar. There are 75 small candy bars inside, each with a sweet note from a family member wrapped around it. The thoughts were all so great--just what I was looking for. I'm sure Dad will enjoy unwrapping a few of the notes every day or so for a few weeks to come! He deserves all the kind words and more. We sure love you Dad!!!

Well, that is the end of my first blogging post. It was actually quite painless! Hope you enjoyed it!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The first to post!

Well, I (Scotty), have been appointed by the Lambert family to be the official blogger in the Murphy-satellite location of Brentwood. Things are good over here, all of the Christmas decorations are down, and replaced with Happy Birthday signs and balloons for my mom. We celebrated yesterday in the typical Murphy style, stuffing ourselves with awesome mexican food. Dad did all of the cooking, and us boys helped. Kimberly headed back to school last friday, and is in the middle of her first classes as I type. We got home from our cruise on thirsday, and we all agree that we had one of the best times that we have ever had! We left on the 27th from New Orleans, and spent the night sailing down the Missippi river, and then spent a whole day at sea, filling ourselves with food, swimming, hittng the water-slides, and lounging. That next morning we arrived in Progresso, a tiny town that is built a few miles from the 6th wonder of the world, Chichen-Itza (Spelling?). We decided not to go on any adventures, but rahter lounge on the beach, and see what the little town had to offer. The next day we docked in Cozumel, hopped in a taxi and drove to a private beach called "paradise." And it was! We got back on the boat and spent another day at sea, before docking back in New Orleans on New Year's. We all made it back safe and sound. (except for me finding out that there is some man with the name of Scott Murphy Lambert out there that is a known drug trafficker. I was notified of this at customs! I swear I am not a user.) The past few days have been very nice, dad has been home, and we are all just spending time together before I have to take off. Love you all and hope that you all had a great Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR! XO

P.S. Forgive the sleepy looks in some of the pics. . .we were tired. :-)

Murphy Family Challenge

I challenge every family to post pictures of their Christmas happenings since were could not be all together. It is not very hard. Just log in... if you have registered as a contributor... if not, just try and leave a comment and I will resend the link to you. One you log in here is what you do:
1. GO to the dashboard in the top right hand corner, OR hit New Post if it is there.
2. A text box thing should pop up.
3. In the grey space at the top right of that bax, there is an icon that looks like a picture - next to the spell check. Click on that.
4. Hit browse and you can upload pictures from your computer. To add more than one, it "add another image". You can only upload 5 at at time, so you may have to repeat 3-4 until you have put in all the pictures you want.
5. Type whatever commentary you want.
6. Hit "publish post"
Have your kids do it!


We "California Murphys" had a wonderful Christmas eve. We missed all of you who are far away. It is never the same with out the whole bunch, but we made the best of it!

We played a charades/pictionary game with the Christmas symbols. Some of my favorites were Danny's "Christmas tree" and Karen's ''angel' (she just stood there)! Grammy and Grandpa talked about Christ as the most important part of Christmas and we read Luke 2. It was a fun night.

Grams and Grandpa love their presents!
We love you and miss you all!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad/Grammy and Grandpa/GG and GGpa

49 years ago, the Murphy Family began.
Aren't we all go grateful.
We celebrated with Grammy and Grandpa tonight. We were able to see pictures and hear stories about their wedding day. We are grateful for their love and for their wonderful example of an eternal marriage. Grammy commented that how funny it is that they are "almost" to forever.
She shared a few thoughts about marriage that she and grandpa have learned over the years.
1. Marriage gets better with each passing year.
2. A good marriage takes work.
3. We learn to love deeper as we serve each other and with each other.
Here is to...forever! We LOVE you!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Last Sunday, we got to be together for a family dinner. It was so nice to be with Grammy and Grandpa again. Skyler summed it up when he walked in, put his arms around Grammy and said, " I missed you so much!". Now that we are all scatted, I think we all feel that way about our far away family. Now, at least we can see what is going on in eachother's lives. It will make us all seem not so far away! Anyway, we had a wonderful meal and a wonderful time together!
The released ones. The do look a little more relaxed, don't they? UNcle Jeff said that he took a nap on a Sunday for the first time in 6 years!

The spread... well, part of it!

Little Corey is 6'4""!
"G.G" (great-grammy) entertaining as always!